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Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use

Going to the gym is a challenge for many people. Simultaneously, many like injured or senior people find it challenging to do a high-impact workout though they would like to stay fit. Best elliptical machine can be the perfect solution to this dilemma. They can provide you a diverse and challenging workout in the home itself. Moreover, they are space efficient and do not dominate your living space. To make your choice easier; we present few best elliptical machine reviews that offer you high max intensity with natural movement and intuitive controls.

EFITMENT Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

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This elliptical machine is a perfect choice for all those who want the benefits of running and total body workout but keep their joints stress-free. Most homeowners love it not only for its workout features but also its portability, thanks to its transport wheels. It is almost all the regular features desired in an elliptical machine. However, it is not ideal for people taller than 5.6″ and heavier than 200 lbs. Being a low-end machine; it lacks top features like backlit console or other advanced features. With 8-levels of resistance, it is an ideal choice for beginners but may be found lacking for intermediate or advanced level exercisers. With a star rating of 4/5 and costing just $190; it can be a great alternative for days when you do not hit the gym.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine


As they say- good things come with a price. Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine is definitely one of the most impressive and best elliptical machines for home use. It is also one of the most expensive units at around $3000. However, considering its design, performance and features; it makes the price worthwhile. Its dimension is large and suitable for a big house. But it can handle any kind of heavy and challenging workout. Its ergonomic designs like articulating pedals and custom foot medals mixed with the latest technology and top class accessories make the tool any person’s delight. Its lifetime warranty is the unstated proof of its quality and durability. Its star rating of 4.2/5 confirms that it is indeed a smart buy.

Body Solid E300 Endurance Elliptical Trainer

Its durable and dynamic workout capability makes the Body Solid E300 as the best elliptical machine available in the market. Capable of giving you a full-body workout with minimal stress on the joints; it facilitates low-impact and comfortable workout sessions. A well-built unit with a unique center-drive design which gives a natural riding feel; it has plenty of desirable features like adjustable levelers, small footprint, 20-levels of resistance, six pre-set workouts etc. However, you might miss inclines, sound systems, cooling fan or even a tablet holder. Despite it, it is a terrific unit costing you $1,670 and earning a star rating of 4.8/5.

Trbitty Elliptical Machine Trainer


If you are looking for a high-quality best elliptical for home use with plenty of features but reasonable pricing; then nothing beats this Trbitty machine. It is a strong unit built to last. Not only is it smooth and quiet to operate but it allows you the flexibility to choose your own fitness goals with its eight levels of magnetic resistance. It has numerous other features like pulse rate grips, comfortable and non-slip big pedals, variable tension control, digital monitor, large LCD display, etc. With a one year warranty and 30-day risk-free return, it fulfills all expectations from itself. Its reasonable pricing of $270 and star rating of 5/5 convinces you to look no further.

Horizon Fitness Evolve 3 Elliptical Trainer


An ergonomically smart unit, this is the entry level machine of the Horizon Evolve series. Being foldable, it is ideal for any home size. Its assembling is also easy. The machine essentially works as a cross trainer for newcomers to elliptical workouts. Using its ViaFit connectivity, you can easily track your long term progress. Being iPod compatible, it makes your workout session enjoyable. However, it lacks advanced features like incline, wireless heart rate monitoring etc. You can install passport player but you would need to purchase it separately. Overall, with a star rating of 5/5 and costing of around $1300, it is a machine worth considering for any novice.


When purchasing the best elliptical machine for yourself; it is important that you consider its various features like stability, tension resistance, types of resistance, pre-programmed workouts; incline adjustments, stride length, flywheels etc. If you are considering it for home, it must also be comfortable but challenging.

We hope you like our choice of elliptical machine reviews. Do share your feedback and experiences regarding it below.

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