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Best Weight Lifting Belt to Buy

Are you serious about lifting and want to maximize your gains? Get a good weightlifting belt. The best weight lifting belt is able to pull your power out of abs and lower back and essentially reduce the risk of getting a painful injury. Professionals say that you should never deadlift or squat without first strapping on a worthy leather workout belt for back support. Reaching massive powerlifting goals requires a genuine leather weightlifting belt with a truly secure, heavy-duty buckle, which provides a firm support for your core and reduces the stress on your spine. This gives you a possibility to level up your personal results while remaining physically healthy. In this review, we’ve listed the best weightlifting belts that are popular, high-rated by consumers, and have a reasonable price. It happened that these items are mostly produced by small owned and operated businesses, so you can surely count on a personal approach and thorough quality control.

4-inch Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Stabilizing Supporting Belt by Dark Iron Fitness

This super popular model features a reasonable price and almost 100% satisfaction with the product. This durable, comfortable and adjustable very best lifting belt is available in 5 sizes that cover users with 23- to 49-inch belly button circumference. Made of high-quality reinforced 5-mm thick genuine leather, this belt is quite lightweight when wearing (only 1.5 pounds) and compact enough to be placed into your gym bag without taking up much space. At the same time, it is built to last and will not tear, break, or wear out. The belt is 4 wide, which is enough to ensure your back, abs and entire core a full and even support and stabilization without feeling bulky on your waist. This gives you extra power and strength in addition to the full lumbar support. The model comes with a durable metal buckle coupled with multiple adjustment holes for the perfect fit and it also features sleek red and black design. The purchase is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

6-inch Weightlifting Belt for Back Support by Fire Team Fit

This item is a mid-priced belt, which is in a demand and can be the best weight lifting belt for powerlifting and Olympic lifting sportsmen. It helps avoid injury while maximizing your exercise performance and promoting your stylish look. Available in attractive black, blue, gray, pink, and camouflage colorations for men and women, it accommodates users from 27 to 43 inches in waist according to 4 size options. Train your safe weight lifting technique due to a secure support of the special contoured design. Designed to last, it is made of a heavy-duty velcro strap with wider ends for optimal abdominal support and narrow sides for natural fitting and sufficient mobility to performing multiple exercises. This lightweight belt is furnished with a sturdy roller buckle and features the possibility to adjust tightness very precisely. The model promotes abdominal and lower back support while providing a sufficient flexibility of movement and allowing the variety of exercises.

4-inch Genuine Leather Workout Belt for Squats, Deadlifts, CrossFit by ProFitness

This very best leather weightlifting belt gives more than just a lower back support as it also promotes maintaining proper weight lifting and squat form, balance, and stability throughout your sets. Hence, it improves strength gains and reduces injuries. This mid-priced belt features the huge satisfaction level and can become a bestseller for those engaged in powerlifting, CrossFit exercises, and other daily fitness activities. This comfortable belt is 4-inch in width and produced of premium-grade genuine leather which makes it stretch- and tear-resistant. The belt features an adjustable, non-slip fit and is equipped with an adjustable, heavy-duty metal buckle with double prong roller for the most comfortable tightness customization. This model is available in 4 sizes that fit persons with 24 to 49 inches in waist respectively. This workout belt is a risk-free purchase as it is ensured with a 60-day money back refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt with 40-inch Heavy-Duty Dipping Strap Attachment by Dark Iron Fitness

This unit features the very high satisfaction level and moderate price. As the best lifting belt, it is made of premium-quality reinforced real leather and outfitted with numerous enhanced features while still being lightweight and easy to use. Lightweight and not bulky, this belt has the super strong reinforced stitching will not break. At the same time, the built-in pillow-like cushioned padding provides the extreme comfort with no digging into your sides or hips. The thick, extra-long 40-inch dipping weight strap can hold 6 Olympic plates of weight (over 270 pounds). This dip weight belt is great for extreme weighted reps because it is furnished with a heavy-duty metal buckle, 2 quick-release spring clips and long adjustment strap (one size fits all, can be tightly rolled up to fit in any regular gym bag). This sleek and cool-looking belt comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime replacement obligations.

6-inch Weight Lifting Pull Up Belt with 32″ Heavy-Duty Steel Chain and Bonus Ebook by Rip Toned

This 6-inch tapered belt is designed to give you the flexibility to add weight during exercises easily and quickly, so it is the best weight lifting belt for dips, platform squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, and more. This pull-up and squat belt is fully adjustable for premium comfort and support due to its reinforced stitching and heavy-duty chain, D-ring, and carabiner. The 34-inch long chain allows adding weight as you need. This high-performance, contoured and comfortable dip belt comes in 4 color schemes and is fully adjustable for all sizes. It boosts your strength training, improves your workout performance, and protects your lumbar. Very affordable and popular, it features almost a 100% satisfaction level and backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.


Choosing the leather weightlifting belt is a challenging task for a newbie. Performing such exercises as back squats, dead lifts, power cleans, clean and jerks, dip racks, overhead squats, exercises with dumbbells, plates, and more. When selecting the best lifting belt, you should measure your belly circumference properly as your pant size is rarely an indication of belt size. Take a flexible tape measure and measure tightly the distance around your mid-section at your belly button in inches. Select the belt which is the best fit for your normal workouts (with a certain set of exercises).

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