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Inversion Techniques: Fitness and Therapy | 5 Best Inversion Tables Online

Whoever said that Inversion Exercises are just meant for therapeutic purposes only to benefit the people ailing from some form of spinal discourse; never climbed one really. According to reputed Fitness Training Institutions, and respectable Fitness Websites, Inversion Exercises are one of the best way to pursue weight loss. Besides these have also been essential in elementary therapeutic and advanced application of various other physical and mental fitness routines. Besides being sturdy there’s more to a regular Inversion table than meets the eye, regarding cushion material, angle adjustments, pressure points etc. Thus, here we are with our picks of Best Inversion Table for 2018, for your Fitness.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest & Protective Cover


For all the needs from a Inversion table, among the most crucial aspects is the covering of backrest and headpad. What you might find in the market is that most them do not even come with a Head Rest and you have to get one separately for them. This one comes with a patented Covering on both headpad and backrest for delivering the perfect kind of air breathing cushioning that is required for your body. The five point adjustment pin makes you roll between positions very seamlessly and that’s the reason why it’s most high rated product across focus groups and forums. Pick this one for the unique covering patented material and robust make.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared for back pain relief


Almost all of these equipments provide for accomodation of same height range (4’5” to 6’6”) but not all of them come with a set of customizable pressure points. With the guide that comes along with Teeter EP560 and with a little indulgence from your instructor or say doctor this piece of equipment can do wonders in terms of toning muscles, relaxing, spine conditioning and pain relief. The additional lumber bridge is something that helps you stretch deeper by your thighs and lower abdomen; something that has been precision engineered for fitness enthusiasts. Pick this one for the kind of blend that it provides in fitness and medical usages, with its good engineering.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000


For the concerns of not being able to find something that suits your body make and the dimensions of your built; go for Ironman Gravity. This one supports users to the range of 350 lbs and 6’8” heights; something that no other supplement matches. In addition to that the easy reach Ratchet Ankle locking system that activates just by the flick of your palm is the one thing that you’re sure to fall in love with; because it takes the hassle away of having someone dismount you from the monstrosity if you’re not that fit or regular user. The memory foam material is assured to provide you with some relieving time between sets during a session. Go for it if you’re concerned about how your body might adjust with the whole shabang of Inversion Exercising.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest


The most economic pick that we could find in this whole segment is Exerpeutic Inversion Table. Major concerns in going with a low cost inversion equipment is that you’re always concerned about your safety, the tool’s strength and the comfort. With its padded backrest with memory foam and powder coated armrests, the question of comfort is immediately solved, while the strength of the table comes from its alloy make and well designed moving parts. It sure does come with the restriction of not being foldable for easy storage but what it lacks in this is covered by the extremely low amount of space it takes for storage anyways. Choose this for the pocket friendly solution of Inversion Therapy league.

Invertio Inversion Table – Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy


The only one to have the built material that ranks on the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) table of materials in this segment, is Invertio. This assures that no matter if you invert yourself up and again continuously the body won’t give up in any way. The whole assembly is foldable and sports very minimal assembly requirements. Invertio being a known pioneer not only provides you an extended 8 level adjustment (compared to 6 levels by others), it also has the contoured pad base to season the pressure points without any extra emphasis. Pick this one for being the most feature loaded and most functional on the menu.


Inversion tables are the one equipment which not everyone can use to the best proficiency that easily. It takes time to adjust while using one and if in case one finds the equipment not suitable in any sense the whole experience can deteriorate to a grave level. Inversion Methods as mentioned besides being great therapeutic tools can be very efficient weight loss agents by working the Metabolism Seasoning, Core Strengthening, Counter Stress Workout and Digestion conditioning. Many Fitness Trainers suggest these methods as passive contributors to the Regular Fitness. So eventually if one feels the need to go for Inversion Tables they sure as well be very informed about it; and what good option you might have than following our said list.

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