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Reviews of 5 Best Weight Lifting Belts For Women

A weightlifting belt is an essential gadget required for any serious gym goer or a weightlifter. They are critical for doing exercises like overhead squats, back squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks and various other types of exercises. But since a male and a female body differs from each other; this gadget needs to be tailored for each body accordingly. Unfortunately, for years, females had to use the same gadget designed for men and struggle with its big and bulky nature while missing the cinched fit. However, the scenario has changed today with specialized weight lifting belts designed especially for women. We present below the top five best weight lifting belts for women.

Harbinger Women’s Nylon Weightlifting Belt

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Designed with simplicity and ease; the belt has been designed explicitly for females though its unisex version is also available. It has several brownies to its credit. Foremost, it’s pink and black design appeals to all female aesthetics. Despite appearing as a thin belt; it is incredibly sturdy. The extra 5-inch back width tapers down towards the stomach to a two-inch. One of its high point is its highly flexible ultra-light foam inner core which not only provides enhanced lumbar support but also makes this belt ultra comfortable. Its breathable tricot lining enhances the comfort quotient. Crafted of nylon, it is a firm yet a flexible belt ideal for all those women who do heavy workout around the hip area. Overall, costing just around $20 and earning a star rating of 4.7/5; it is one of the best women’s weight lifting belts available.

FITGIRL Pink Weight Lifting Belt


The brand is known to create fantastic fitness accessories especially for women. This belt is no exception. The belt is of uniform 5 inches thickness in front and back. A two inch support strap over it ensures complete protection to your lumbar and abdominal area. The ultra-light foam core extends the support to the lower back. You can adjust the belt to fit with its Velcro strap with ease. Because of the tricot lining; the belt has both breathability and sweat-wicking capability. It even comes with a 60 day money warranty. However, the sizing might be an issue with small framed women. Overall, with a star rating of 4.7/5 and costing till $25; it is a good buy.

BEAR KOMPLEX Women’s Weightlifting Belt


This is one of the most popular weight lifting belts for women. The best thing about this belt is that it supports any lifting technique of intense Olympic style power moves. You can do any kind of heavy lifting, squats, deadlifts etc. and remain protected against any injury. Thanks to its quick release, wearing it and taking it off is a breeze. The steel roller buckle ensures it remains snug and secure. Despite being heavy duty, it is light enough to wear with comfort. Flaunting equal width both in back and front for equal support; it is a functional and stylish looking belt available in three designs. Costing you just $35 and garnering a star rating of 4.8/5; it is a great buy for anyone.

ProFitness Weightlifting Belt


A sleek and comfortable weight lifting belt for women; it offer versatile usage. Crafted from genuine leather; it can be worn straight away with no break-in required. Lightweight and durable piece; it wicks away sweat during intense workout thereby making the session more comfortable. Providing you more than adequate lumber and core support during any intense workout; it helps any woman improve her performance. Extremely hard wearing and built to last; it can even be work in office and home for proper support. With a sleek and stylish appearance with dual combos of black and red/white and yellow; it is a great choice costing you around $37 and collecting a star rating of 4.8/5

iiSPORT Weightlifting Belt


Crafted of durable microfiber material; the belt counts amongst some of the best women’s weight lifting belts available in the market today. The material wicks away the sweat during the workout making it easy for any female to go for more intense sessions. Depending upon the type of exercise, you can easily adjust the belt for a more comfortable fit. Its gel Velcro straps makes wearing it and taking it off easy enough. Its exterior is not only flame laminating abrasion resistant but its attractive color options of pink; green and red keep your style quotient high. However, few complain of its color fading over time. Costing you around $17 and getting a star rating of 5/5; it is a belt with which you can never go wrong.


When purchasing a weightlifting belt, it is important to look into its width, comfort factor, material as well as its type. With the new specialized female belts; women can now lift without the deadweight in their gut of a male weightlifting belt. We hope you are able to find the best fit for yourself from our recommended ones.

In case you like our recommendations or find a better fit; do share your experience and feedback with us. We would love to share it with our readers.

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