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Top 5 Best Home Gym

If you are tired of the commercial gym where you either can’t get a machine or when you do you feel rushed because someone is waiting for your machine, the time has likely come where you invest in your own home gym.

Home gyms are a great idea if you travel or work away and simply do not have the time to go to a local gym.

Here we’ve reviewed the top 5 best home gyms, all designed to shape and tone you in the comfort of your own home.

1. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym

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This multi-purpose home gym provides some of the best home gym equipment around. You will find that it is perfect for all body parts.

You will notice that that bench press has an adjustable starting point, and the cable station comes with adjustable arms. Both the seat and seat back can be adjusted to suit different sizes.

The use of pulleys makes for smooth movement and a completely natural feel to the workout. The pulley system delivers unrestricted movement and a greater range of motion.

The machine is constructed from 12-gauge steel tubing and nylon-coated aircraft cable. The cables are rated at over 2,000 pounds tensile strength, and the lifetime warranty makes this combo one of the best home gym equipment set-ups you can buy.

2. Marcy Diamond


This home gym is a complete all-in-one fitness center, and has some of the best home exercise equipment you will find.

This is designed to work all muscle groups and includes such stations as a dual-function leg developer, low pulley, pec station, high crossover bars, curl and preacher pad.

The home gym exercise equipment comes with a multi-function weight bench and several attachment bars and handles.

The machine comes in three different strengths with six different exercise stations. There are over 100 different exercises which can be done on this machine.

There is some assembly required, and you need to purchase the weights separately, which means that you can buy then in your own time and pace.

This all-in-one, versatile system makes this one of the best home workout equipment centres you can buy.

3. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym


With over 60 different exercises that can be done on this home gym, you will find it easy to have a full body workout.

The sliding seat glides smoothly, and there are multiple cable and pulley positions, allowing two people to work on the machine at the same time.

4. Powerline Home Gym


The weight stack is 160 pounds, and can be upgraded to 210 pounds. The pulleys come in low, mid, and high positions, and the whole home gym equipment set-up means that you never need to join a gym again.

This gym is unique in that you can carry out traditional exercises as well as functional training. The pulleys run smoothly and the positions can be changed to suit different heights of user.

The Powerline home gym comes with a 10 year warranty and is one of the best home gym equipment centres for the money that you can buy.

5. Body-Solid G1S Home Gym


This home gym station is the redesigned and upgraded version and is superior in every way. You will notice that everything is better, right down to the colour and the comfort of the pads.

The station is easy to use, and also easy to store. The package comes with over 40 toning and strengthening exercises.

The station comes with lat bar and straight bar to vary your workout. Also included are ankle straps, abs and tricep straps, and a Total Body Workout DVD. There is a convenient water bottle and towel holder.

The company is so sure you will be happy with this home gym system that they have added an In-home Lifetime warranty on pads, pulleys and cable frames.

With the convenience of easy storage, and versatility, this is one of the best sets of home gym equipment available.


There are many things that you need to consider when buying your home fitness centre, notably budget, space and essential pieces of equipment.

The top 5 best home gym set-ups we have reviewed will ensure that your choice includes everything you need to get fit and stay healthy.

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