5 Ways to Promote Wellness & Avoid Getting Sick

It’s easy to take your health for granted. Modern life is full of so many distractions and responsibilities that many forget to look after themselves properly. However, there’s nothing worse than getting sick at an inconvenient time (like during the Holidays, for instance). The good news is, you can take steps to prevent catching common illnesses and ensure you don’t end up rooted to the couch for a week. To that end, make sure to check out these five health and wellness tips that can make a big difference for you –– and those around you:

Set a Regular Bedtime

It may sound simple at first, but establishing a regular sleep schedule is actually very difficult for many individuals. Yet, if you want your immune system to operate at its best, you need to sleep for seven-to-nine hours every night. A lack of sleep can weaken your body’s natural defenses and leave you vulnerable to niggling ailments. (Quick hint: put your phone away before you lay down to bed for the night!)

Get a Flu Shot

A nasty case of influenza can sideline even the most fit and active individual for over a week. In order to prevent this from happening to you, consider getting a flu shot this year. Flu shots are not dangerous, and they improve your body’s ability to combat common flu strains. Of course, it’s still possible to catch the flu after receiving a flu shot. Though, in such cases symptoms are usually milder.


Mental stress has a major effect on physical well-being. If you’re feeling run-down and overwhelmed at work, then odds are you’ll be needing a sick day sooner than later. Take time out each day to unwind and participate in an activity that you enjoy. Naturally, any sort of physical exercise is a fantastic way to relieve stress and improve your fitness levels at the same time!

Wash Your Hands

Obviously, you should wash your hands after going to the bathroom. But germs aren’t restricted to public toilets. In fact, it’s wise to wash your hands as often as possible to kill bacteria that naturally accumulates on your fingers when you interact with everyday items.

Consult a Professional

Doctors and other medical professionals are always willing to help people who want to boost their fitness and health. So don’t hesitate to visit your local M.D. –– especially if you haven’t been to a doctor’s office in years. Remember, even if you feel nervous in exam rooms full of intricate lab equipment like hypodermic needles and suspension culture flasks, there’s nothing really to fear. In truth, doctors have experience and knowledge that can benefit you immensely. Rather than trying to work out the logistics of setting up your own personal quarantine zone, reaching out to a doctor is often the best way to maintain your health and wellness.

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