5 Yogis Share the Mantras That Get Them Through the Day

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Something as small as a phrase (or mantra) can be enough to see you through a grueling day or motivate you to finish an intense workout. It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts when things get tough (hey, it happens), but next time, try to turn those into positive statements that fuel positive action.

With enough practice, you’ll end up with your own personal mantra that you can apply to any situation to boost your self-confidence and happiness. We asked some of our favorite yogis for the words that get them through the day. Check ‘em out in the video above.

Yoga instructor Lauren Taus lives by the mantra, “When I mother myself, I am confident and empowered.” Taus shares that repeating these words is most helpful when she’s feeling insecure. It reminds her that the love she really needs can come from within herself, and that she can be OK in any circumstance.

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Chloe Kernaghan, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga, tells herself: “Live graciously, live gracefully, and live gratefully.” She says this in the morning to set intention for the day. Or, if she’s being a “monster” during the day, she uses her mantra to “rein it in.” She even reflects on these words in the evening to give thanks.

“Just breathe” is yogi and fitness enthusiast Ronnie Howard’s simple yet powerful mantra. When she is feeling anxious or riled up, she reminds herself to just breathe–and that everything will work out.

New York City-based yoga instructor Noemi Henriquez tells herself, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Instead, let things go in the moment. If something is irking you, look ahead five or 10 years. If it’s something you won’t think twice about in the future, don’t worry about it now.

Krissy Jones, co-founder and yoga director of Sky Ting Yoga, swears by the mantra, “Stay in your own lane.” Put metaphoric blinders on, and don’t worry about what other people are thinking or doing. Keep the focus on yourself.

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