Benefits of Environmentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Many people think cleaning carpets is all about removing surface dirt and stains, but there are a number of important reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned that may be hidden from sight. And in such a humid state like Florida, this is especially true.

One challenge for homeowners is that many cleaners use harsh chemicals, which can contribute to health problems. However, homeowners can ensure that they eliminate the dangers of unclean carpets without replacing them with toxic cleaning chemicals by turning to companies that offer chemical-free professional cleaning services. Here’s why it’s worth considering.

Health benefits

Companies like Eagle’s Eye Carpet Cleaning offer Florida residents professional carpet cleaning services that are safe for the environment. This means that the cleaning process does not leave residue on your carpets from harmful chemicals. Chemical cleaning agents typically include a carcinogen known as naphthalene, which can damage internal organs like the liver and kidneys.

People who ingest the fumes from toxic cleaners can also be affected. Direct contact with the residue can expose you to poison. Those at highest risk of poisoning include children and pets. By turning to professionals who use environmentally-friendly cleaners, you can be confident that your family and pets aren’t being exposed to deadly chemicals.

The humidity

Florida residents are familiar with the humidity in the state and may be aware of how it affects their need for air conditioning. However, humidity itself can be a destructive force that attacks carpets and rugs.

High levels of humidity leads to more moisture in the air, and this moisture wreaks havoc on carpets. The moisture build-up can cause both mildew and mold to form, and excessive moisture can lead to rot or dry rot. Both mildew and mold can spread, and mold is very dangerous for people to ingest. Cleaning your carpets regularly helps prevent build-up.

Eliminating dangers

There are a lot of potential threats to carpets, including insect larvae, mold, and spills. Regularly cleaning your carpets not only ensures that the carpets look nice, but it also ensures that any potentially harmful substances are removed.

Carpets can be a breeding ground for insect larvae and for mold, but they also hold a number of hazardous items that can affect you and your family. Dirt from people walking on carpets is one factor, and carpets also collect things like dust, hair and allergens. This means that people with allergies can find their symptoms triggered because of dirty carpets.

Other surfaces

Carpet cleaners are also experienced with cleaning other surfaces. They use pressure washing and a special vacuum to tackle tiles and grout so that harmful bacteria, algae, and other potential contaminants (such as mold) are thoroughly removed.

Also, upholstered furniture is at risk from the same threats that carpets face. Using professional cleaners to clean your upholstered furniture can ensure that they don’t retain harmful allergens or allow mold of insect larvae to build up.

Avoiding DIY mistakes

You need to make sure that the job is done professionally. Rental cleaners often only offer a surface cleaning. Also, lack of experience can lead to complications in the cleaning process, and common mistakes can include bleaching the carpets.

Inexperience can also result in tears and damage to the carpet fibers. Individuals who lack the proper experience and equipment needed to clean carpets may end up with damaged carpets and ultimately incur much higher costs than the cost of a professional cleaner. 

Having your carpets and other surfaces properly cleaned on a regular basis extends the life of your carpets, tiles, and upholstered furniture. This means that you will save money in the long run because you won’t need to replace your carpets as often.

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