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Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Meals

Are you on a health kick? Do you need to lose some weight? If your favorite jeans are getting too tight or, worse, are consigned to the back of the wardrobe because you can no longer squeeze yourself into them, you need to find some healthier alternatives to all those fattening foods that you love to eat.

Whatever unhealthy foods you love, whether they be fries, chocolate or creamy pasta sauces, it’s time to look for an alternative that won’t pile on the pounds but which will still taste great. Here are some of our top ideas for tasty foods that won’t make you feel deprived!

Switching Potato Fries For Healthy Vegetables

Healthy Vegetables

Do you absolutely love your potato fries? Well, there’s a healthier alternative that tastes just as great. Try switching the potato for a sweet potato or even courgettes. Spread the sliced vegetables on an oven tray and spray with a little oil. Pop in the oven and cook in just the same way as you would make potato fries. Serve with a healthy sour cream dip for a delicious snack or accompaniment to a meal.

Switching Your Favorite Burger

There’s nothing quite so delicious as a juicy burger. However, all that grease and fat is going to do terrible things to your waistline. If you still can’t resist the idea of chowing down on a tasty burger in a bun, why not switch to a chicken burger instead? Rather than a beef patty, a plain grilled chicken breast, served with ketchup and salad in a healthy wholemeal bun is just as delicious and will contain much less fat than the original version.

Your Favorite Pasta Dishes

If you’re craving carbs, you probably can’t resist a huge bowl of spaghetti carbonara. However, those creamy sauces are filled with calories and are bad for your health. Why not switch to a healthier pasta sauce instead? Tomato based sauces contain less calories and fat and are also much better for you thanks to the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables. Plus, you’ll also be getting a healthy amount of fiber in your diet. A tomato-based pasta sauce needn’t be boring. You can add plenty of flavor by using herbs or spices. Why not create your own pasta arrabiata? This fiery chili tomato pasta is delicious and will tantalize your tastebuds. Simply add some freshly chopped chilis to a can of chopped tomatoes, add a little fried onion and green bell pappers and pour over your favorite pasta. If you’re feeling really healthy, why not switch your regular pasta to a wholemeal version. Absolutely fantastic!

Healthy Shepherd’s Pie

Do you love the comforting taste of a hot shepherd’s pie on a winter’s night? All that cheesy potato on the top can pile on the pounds. Why not switch to a mashed cauliflower topping instead? With far fewer calories, a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, not to mention plenty of fiber, a cauliflower topping is just as delicious as the potato original and will do you a lot more good.

A Healthy Barbecue

Do you love nothing more than a cookout? If you can’t resist getting out the grill, even on dull days, you’ll probably want to find a healthier way to eat all your favorite barbecue foods. Ditch the sweet barbecue sauces for a start. These are packed with sugar and calories and won’t do anything food for your diet. Instead, try making a healthy lemon and olive oil marinade for chicken breasts or lean pork chops. They will be equally delicious, especially when served with a hearty salad, and will satisfy your craving for barbecued food. Even better, why not try smoking your own chicken? It’ll be low calorie and high in taste – perfect for serving with salads, mixed vegetables or in wholemeal bread as a tasty sandwich. You can view more from this website about how to choose a smoker for your home so you can prepare your own!

With these great new recipe ideas, you’ll be shedding the pounds in no time. Remember, delicious meals can be healthy too, they don’t need to be full of fat and calories! Try these healthier alternatives to all your favorites – you’ll be amazed at how good they taste!

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