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Best Places in Arizona for Healthier Fare

Eating healthy can be difficult, especially when you’re out on the town. Finding a restaurant that has healthy options and can satisfy the hunger of everyone you’re with doesn’t have to be as difficult if you know where to look. Eating healthy can make your entire night better as you’ll feel less lethargic, but while some restaurants do have healthy options, you’ll find that they’re bland and unsatisfying. That’s why we’ve comprised this list of the best places in Arizona for a healthy meal that everyone can agree on.

Here are the top picks for best places in Arizona for healthier fare:

d’Lite Healthy On The Go, Scottsdale & Phoenix

This restaurant is kind of like a fast food restaurant but with an array of healthy options. You can stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and get a healthy meal any time of day that doesn’t leave your stomach aching or your body tired. They have a large and hunger-satisfying breakfast selection as well as wraps and burgers for lunchtime. Their menu has vegan and vegetarian food as well as allergy-friendly options, so you can rest-assured knowing that this restaurant has something delicious for you to eat each time you visit. Most notable is their doggie bag that includes all natural protein and rice, so that your dog can enjoy a little bit of the high-life and eat a meal with you when you get home. With healthy ingredients and a full belly, you can both enjoy walk-time.

Desert Roots Kitchen, Tempe 

Located in downtown Tempe, Desert Roots Kitchen is a vegan and vegetarian cafe. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll enjoy hearty and delicious meals sourced locally. The menu is always changing so each time you visit you can try something new, but it also normally features pasta salads, rice and beans, and vegetarian tamales and soups. This little cafe is also known for its homemade deserts, the perfect healthy end to a healthy meal. Desert Roots Kitchen is only open for breakfast and lunch, but you can start your day off healthy with their array of delicious vegetarian and vegan foods. Even if you’re a carnivore, you’ll enjoy their vegetarian chili. You may not be able to taste the difference, but you will feel it.

Riot House, Scottsdale

Riot House has one of the best healthy nightclub food menus in Arizona. This club is a tropical theme which is incorporated into their menu. You can enjoy salads with avocado, tomato, feta, and a citrus vinaigrette, or if you prefer finger food, their grilled ham and cheese with honey glazed ham and pineapple jam will take your palate on a tropical vacation. Don’t forget to start your meal off with a simple appetizer and try the topical avocado salsa made with toasted coconut and served with veggie chips. When you’re done eating, you can dance the night away on the large dance floor or have a tropical cocktail to relax. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or just a meal and some dancing, Riot house has a menu with fresh ingredients that won’t leave you hungry.

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, Phoenix

Luci’s is a cafe and coffee bar that specializes in organic and natural products. They have a large selection of meats, seafood, dairy, and entrees. Meals are cooked freshly and are available for carry out as well as dine-in. Breakfast items are also served all day long with a coffee bar that serves local roasted organic coffee, iced drinks, smoothies, blended drinks, and a variety of teas. If you’re stopping by on your way to work, make sure to grab a muffin or bagel with your dessert. They even have gluten-free options.

Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, Glendale, Tempe & Scottsdale

When you think of Italian food, you may think of rich pastas that aren’t necessarily good for you. If you love the taste of Italian cuisine, but are looking for a healthier fare, Picazzo’s will satisfy your hunger. They offer a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, allergy-friendly food. They offer also specials from 3 until 6pm every day that include healthy snacks, vegan cocktails, and wine. Whether you’re an everyday foodie or a gluten-free diner, there is a great meal waiting for you at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen.

Original ChopShop, Chandler

This restaurant understands that eating well can be difficult with a busy schedule. With many people choosing to make what’s quick and simple over what’s healthy at home, or just dining at fast food restaurants, Original ChopShop is on a mission to craft affordable foods from whole ingredients for families and people who have a busy day. You can enjoy their extensive menu that has vegetarian options from protein bowls to fresh juices that make you feel good about what you’re eating and will help energizes you throughout the day.

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