Can You Imagine a Life Without Funeral Service?

Funeral insurance is an excellent product. For those who are unaware of it, the main objective of funeral insurance is to support your family financially in case of your death. Like it happens with other insurance policies, you are liable to pay monthly premium to the insurer, and in return, your family will be given the lump sum amount to take care of your funeral rites.

The money that your family receives is spent on arranging the funeral service that you deserve. Everyone understands that funerals are expensive in Australia, and if your family does not have a reasonable sum of money on hand, it can be frustrating. In order to build a stronger case, let’s see how this world would be if there was no concept of funeral insurance.

1- There Will Be No Peace of Mind

If something happens to you and you die, your family will have to bear the expenses of your funeral. What if they can’t arrange the money on time? Is there anything worse than leaving your family in the need of money when you die? If you have funeral insurance, financial problems in such times can be easily avoided.

2- No Immediate Money Will Be Available

In the event of death, funeral needs to take place immediately – the sooner, the better. Considering the increasing cost of funeral, everyone cannot afford to spend a sum of money this big at once. However, cash is given to your family within 48 hours if your funeral is insured. Once the required documents have been submitted, the claim will be settled, resolving all the financial problems.

3- No Complementary Assistance in Funeral Arrangements

No Complementary Assistance in Funeral Arrangements

It’s not easy to bear the loss of a deceased member of your family and to take care of all the funeral arrangements. Funeral insurance companies are considerate enough to provide complementary assistance to the grieving family. Considering how Australians perceive funerals these days, you can very well imagine the load of work there is when it comes to organizing a funeral.

4- No Easy Alternative

Without funeral insurance, the only way left for you to raise money to organize a funeral is to ask your friends and relatives. We all know how difficult and inconvenient that can be in such trying times. Thus, in order to avoid such a situation, it’s better to bear monthly premiums that range from $45 to $153 on average and secure your funeral.

5- No Coverage for Your Family

With no funeral insurance there will be nothing that you can leave behind for your family. This is the worst thing. Your family will be liable to pay all your outstanding debts and expenses. With funeral insurance, when your family receives the payout, the beneficiary can decide to allocate the amount for various expenses and pay for your funeral as well.

For more information about funeral insurance you can visit freedominsurance.com.au and take further guidance. Our agents will help you make an informed decision.

People don’t like talking about their death and funeral. It sure is disturbing. But funeral insurance is not about preparing yourself for your death. It’s actually a responsible thing to do before you die.

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