Does Air Pollution Affect Your Skin?

We all know that air pollution affects our overall health, but did you know it has a lasting effect on your skin? With toxins in the air, the pores of the skin take it in, which can result in breakouts and other skin conditions. Every person is different, so the reaction to pollution will be different. Having a quality skin routine in place can help your skin fight pollutants in the air. Pollution occurs year-round so having a good skin care routine to fight the effects is a must.

Products That Work

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The pollutants in the air that affect the skin can cause excess wrinkling and aging. It is important to begin to use anti-aging skin care products early on to fight the signs of aging. Skin care is essential from the teen years, but as we get into our 30s, having an anti-aging plan is a must. Pollution will affect the skin and cause you to age faster than you would like without a good plan in place.

If you live in an environment where air pollution is prevalent, then using a product such as Matrixyl is beneficial. This product helps to reverse the signs of aging. The skin is taught to behave as if it were young again, which helps to repair the skin. The repair process then allows your skin to look and feel younger, giving you a confidence boost!

Another option is Timeless Vitamin C and E Serum. This serum works by evening out the skin tone and building collagen. Collagen is needed to provide elasticity so that the skin bounces back instead of sagging or wrinkling. Apply this serum regularly to enjoy anti-aging benefits.

If you use the best hyaluronic acid serum, you have a quality moisturizer that helps fight any drying out effects from pollution. This hydrating product is essential to fight the drying element that pollution can create in the skin. Dry skin will peel and flake as well as cause other skin conditions. Hydration is essential for accurate nourishment of the skin.

Simple Application

With serums, you must create a routine and then apply them regularly to see results. With pollution in the air, you will need to clean your face in the morning and night time hours. Once your face is clean, you can then apply the products. Two to three drops of a serum can easily be applied all over the face. Long-lasting effects will be present if you use the products on a daily basis.

It is easy to get into your own skin routine. Have washcloths handy in your bathroom and clean your face regularly. Have the serums on hand as well so that you can take the few short minutes to apply.

Care for your skin against pollution so that you can fight any signs of aging and have gorgeous looking skin! You will be thanking yourself years down the road once you see how lovely your skin looks and feels thanks to the skin regimen you have created to combat the effects of pollution.

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