CBD Water In a Nutshell – Is It Safe To Drink?

CBD or cannabidiol is a very popular product. In fact, calling it as such is an understatement, especially since it has accumulated massive attention over the past few years. Health shops across the world have started carrying CBD-infused products, ranging from gummies to capsules to vapes. Interestingly, one of these is none other than CBD water and it has managed to garner praise and applause.

What Exactly Is CBD Water?


By essence, CBD is a chemical compound that can be found in a cannabis plant. Unlike the infamous tetrahydrocannabinol, this one right here is not psychoactive. In other words, it does not make you feel “high,” which is something you can get from marijuana or THC.

Also, CBD has since been well-structured simply due to its wonderful medicinal properties. It can relieve anxiety and even combat depression. It can help calm kids suffering from seizures, not to mention the fact that it reduces the risk of obesity. Even more so, it relieves inflammation and chronic pain.

As mentioned, CBD water is just one of the many products infused with CBD. It is made by infusing CBD particles with water. Much like other edibles in the market, it is one of the newest forms right now – and has drawn attention since inception. According to recent studies, drinking CBD water is the easiest way to obtain your much-needed CBD fix and even reap the many potential health benefits.

How To Avoid Negating The Health Benefits of CBD

It is known that CBD is a highly unstable compound, which is why it would require careful and detailed preparation. Add to this the necessity to store it properly; otherwise, its medicinal properties will not be preserved.

When you buy CBD products like capsules and gummies, you need to store them in a way that they do not get exposed to air and light. Why? That is because exposure to these elements will cause CBD to break down and, thus, its potential beneficial effects are negated. The same thing can be said for CBD water, which should not be stored on shelves under bright lights. The product also needs to be kept in clear containers, but if it stays there for several days or weeks, its CBD content will only negate.

In a recent study, it was found out that certain storage conditions on cannabinoids must be met. That is because this practice is important in preventing greater loss of CBD content. Extreme exposure to light is expected to negate its health benefits.

While temperature does not necessarily have effects, CBD exposed to air can lead to massive losses in CBD content. So, if you are going to buy and open a CBD water, it is imperative that you drink it immediately. The moment you open the container, its CBD content starts to break down (albeit gradually).

Should You Drink CBD Water?

There is no doubt that drinking CBD water will give you health benefits. The only catch, however, is that its CBD content is lesser than other products like gummies and capsules. This is simply because it tends to lose its medicinal properties. That is why you should drink it as soon as possible after opening.

It is also worth noting that CBD water can be more expensive than other CBD-infused products. Still, its effectiveness is there and can be at par with its counterparts. Also, it is important that you manage to store it away from direct exposure to air and light. As already mentioned above, exposure to these elements can greatly negate the potential benefits. There is absolutely nothing wrong about drinking CBD water and should even be part of your daily CBD fix.

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