Home Workout with Jairo Zapata and MD Logic Health

Here’s a quick and easy home workout with Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Jairo Zapata. Featuring 5 easy exercises to keep you sweating! During this pandemic, with the gyms closed, we know how hard it is to stay motivated with your fitness schedule so we’ve prepared a quick workout to keep your heart pumping and muscles engaged! Beginner friendly.

  1. Pushups – 30 seconds x 4
  2. Squats – 30 seconds x 4
  3. Shoulder Taps – 30 seconds x 4 (Alternative Exercise: Plank for 30 seconds x 4)
  4. Dips – 30 seconds x 4
  5. Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds x 4.

Don’t forget to REST (20 seconds between sets) and HYDRATE!

Stay fit friends! And let us know in the comments what type of workouts (or even videos on other topics) you’d like to see! Check us out on our socials:

Brought to you by MD Logic Health supplements.

Note: Please consult your health professional before attempting any workouts

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