How Bad Dental Work Can Affect Your Health

Although most people do (and should) understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, not everyone is aware that poor dental treatment can have an impact on their overall health. In this post, we’ll discuss the various health issues that can arise from visiting a negligent or inefficient dentist.

When you visit any medical practitioner, you put a great deal of trust in them. This is crucial when you visit a dentist, who will inspect your mouth with sharp tools. High-quality dental treatment is essential not only for maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth, but also because bad dental work can cause a number of medical issues. Below we’ll highlight a few of the ways lesser-quality treatment can affect your overall health.

Tooth Loss

When it comes to issues of a dental nature, the most common problem that can result is loss of teeth. Not only do missing teeth ruin your perfect smile, but there’s also a risk of infection due to the open pocket in the gum trapping bacteria and food. While many people lose teeth due to poor hygiene practices, inefficient treatment or negligence could also cause you a lot of problems.

If you are experiencing severe toothache or pain in one area of your gum, it’s always a good idea to get your dentist to take a look at it. Unfortunately, if your dentist fails to diagnose the problem correctly or misses it altogether, it will allow the tooth to decay or gum disease to develop. This can lead to infection, severe erosion, advanced decaying and the eventual loss of teeth.

So what can you do if you have missing teeth? While there are semi-permanent options such as dentures and bridges, dental implants are the treatment of choice for people looking for something permanent. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is firmly anchored into the jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth.

Cardiovascular Issues

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Having poor dental health can put you at risk of developing heart disease. When the gums become inflamed due to bacteria, this bacteria can then find its way into your bloodstream, leading to the build up, and eventually hardening, of plaque in your arteries. This isn’t something to be taken lightly, as the hardening of your arteries can lead to heart flow problems and blockages, both of which increase the likelihood of a heart attack. You could also develop endocarditis, where the lining of the heart becomes infected — a condition which is often fatal.

While many people suffer from health conditions because of poor oral hygiene, it’s worth noting that it can also occur due to trauma or inefficiency during dental treatments. It’s for this reason that you should also seek the services of a reputable and reliable dentist, especially for specialist treatments such as dental implants or wisdom tooth removal.

Respiratory Problems

Another severe and potentially life-threatening type of health problem that can occur from bad dental work is respiratory issues. The two ways this can happen is either by bacteria being breathed into the lungs or bacteria entering the bloodstream. The latter is especially troublesome because, as we mentioned above, this can also cause heart problems.

Once the bacteria has entered the lungs and/or bloodstream, it can cause respiratory infections, such as acute bronchitis or even pneumonia. These can cause short and long-term issues and could be fatal to those who are more vulnerable, such as people with asthma or elderly folk.

Making a Complaint About a Dentist

If you have experienced bad dental work or negative after-effects of treatment due to negligence, you are well within your rights to make a complaint about a dentist. By doing so, you’ll not only give yourself the opportunity to have the problem fixed or receive financial compensation, but you’ll also prevent the same issues from happening to other people.

Many people decide not to claim for negligence or bad dental work because they either feel too uncomfortable doing so, or they simply have no idea how the complaint and claiming process works. If you’re one of the latter, then your best option is to seek the advice of a reputable dental law solicitor, who will have the necessary experience and knowledge of the field to help you make a claim.

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