How to Protect the Elderly from Slip and Trip Accidents

Slips and trips are quite common among senior citizens. Around one in four people over the age of 60 have a fall every year in Australia alone.

The elderly people tend to suffer from vision impairment. Due to dementia or low blood pressure, they also experience dizziness. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take precautionary measures to prevent slips and falls.

Here are a few useful tips for seniors to reduce the risk of falling:

• Maintain a Trip-Proof Environment

Maintain a safe environment at home to protect the elderly from slips and falls. A mess of tangled electrical cords increases the risk of accidents. You can get cable covers via TripSafe.com.au to eliminate hazards. It’ll help you reduce slip and trip accidents at home.

• Limit Alcohol Consumption

Seniors are more prone to experience trip and fall accidents. Alcohol consumption affects your balance and reflexes and thereby, further increases this risk. The rate of hip bone fracture also increases due to alcohol intake.

You should try to avoid alcohol consumption to stay safe. However, if you drink only on weekends, avoid binge drinking and limit alcohol intake.

• Stay Active

Regular physical exercise is good for the elderly. It can help you stay fit and protect you from various diseases. An exercise routine can also strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. It reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease among the elderly. In this condition, your body loses too much bone that leads to a throbbing pain. You can prevent osteoporosis with the help of regular physical exercises.

• Use Mobility Equipment

If you try to walk around despite an injury, you may slip and end up breaking your bones. In order to avoid slips and trips at home, it’s best to use mobility equipment. You can buy it via PatientHandling. Rolling walkers and mobility walkers can help you walk safely.

• Wear Your Glasses

Vision impairment is a major cause of slips and trips. Around 6.5 million people in the US aged 65 or more experience severe visual impairment.

If you have weak eyesight, you should visit your primary care doctor at the earliest. They may recommend you to visit an ophthalmologist or go for a surgery. Wear your glasses at all times. This will help you see where you are going and reduce the risk of slipping or falling.

• Get Enough Sleep

Get enough sleep at night. If you’re sleepy, you’re likely to slip and trip due to carelessness. It’s best to set your sleeping time and go to bed at the same time every night. However, if you’re suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders, you should visit your doctor. They may prescribe you sleeping pills to help you fall asleep easily.

As you age, your muscles weaken and you may experience vision loss. These health problems increase the risk of slips and falls among the elderly. So, create a safe environment at your home so as to stay safe.

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