As a product of the modern world and a witness to the dystopic fastness around us, we are struggling to find ourselves little pockets of peaceful times. From dealing with the void created by social media to making endless efforts to reach where our ambition lies, it is only a natural thing to lose a sense of ‘I,’ a sense of self. Bring back the self-consciousness. The idea of knowing who you are is the one thing that is very important for you to do. Something that you owe yourself. Yoga can be your key.

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The importance and benefits of Yoga are not an unexplored arena. We are aware of how it has been preserving human life since time immemorial. Yoga can bring to you calmness to your existence, a sublimity to your mind, and a fullness to your soul. Listed below are a few of the essential things Yoga can offer to revamp your life.

Improves focus

One can’t emphasize enough on how modern life is affecting our mental capabilities and focus. One of the main benefits of Yoga is to bring back and strengthen your ability to concentrate. Yogic exercises ensure that every single bit of your physical body aligns for you to gain the long lost power of focus. This focus then helps us divert our attention from all the negativity and focus on all the positive things that are around us. One grows out of the petty, materialistic, mundane world view and starts looking at things with a choiceless awareness. Thinking of only happy thoughts. Regular practice of Yoga, like the Pranayamas, would help you with your capabilities of focusing and concentrating.

Energizes your body

Our lifestyle has turned us into the “Walking Dead.” Laziness and fatigue are as close to us as our breath. While it is understandable that the work-life can drain all your energy, it is essential to realize that it is our job to rejuvenate ourselves to live a happy and healthy life. Yoga is an excellent way to recharge your body for the days to come. Consistence yoga practice creates a balance in the cortisol level. It also stimulates proper blood flow, resulting in the opening of all the channels of your body and allowing the flow of energy. 

Detoxing your body

A lot of people are aware of how Yoga can bring physical and mental changes to your body. Very few people are aware that Yoga can help you get rid of all the toxins stored in your body. Even though our body has a natural mechanism of detoxification, sometimes the process becomes slow or almost ineffective because our organs aren’t healthy enough. What Yoga helps in doing is that it supports this natural system of detoxification function correctly. Yogic exercises can help in stimulating the mobility and metabolism of the body. Thereby improving the processes through which our body can shed out wastes. 

Helps with insomnia

Various studies have brought this to our notice that Yoga can help people with mild sleeping problems, on the one hand, to chronic insomnia on the other. Practicing Yoga regularly brings a kind of rhythm, a schedule to your life. This rhythm then ensures that a proper sleep also falls into your schedule brings outstanding effects of the relaxation techniques. This rhythm brings a certain degree of calmness to your mind, and as you shed away all the chaos that had been bothering you, there will be nothing but a beautiful, good night’s sleep waiting for you. 

Affects the life span

It might be difficult for you to swallow this fact and can even seem unreal to you, but Yoga indeed helps you maintain or attain a long healthy life span. The reason is a little apparent and easy to guess. A regular practice of Yoga helps brings you a relaxed state of mind, better sleep, energy, focus, and whatnot. This has a hugely positive impact on the functioning of the organs in your body. Plus on the processes of rejuvenation that will keep you going longer and happier.

Yoga helps you improve your bone density. It improves your blood flow. Yoga strengthens your immune system, regulates your heart rate, and maintains your body equilibrium. At the same time, it also helps you think clearly and helps you maintain and strive for a healthy lifestyle. It has the power to bring positive changes in your life. 

Ensures a healthy mental well-being

Apart from all the outstanding physical benefits yoga brings to the human body, one cannot forget its massive contribution to mental health. It helps a person manage stress efficiently. Regular yoga practice develops a mental clarity in a person’s mind, creates a state of self –awareness. This, in turn, makes you consciously aware of all the negative things affecting you and thus makes you vigilant enough to act on it on time. 

Now that you are aware of all the brilliant things Yoga can offer to you, it is time for you to include this as a vital element of your life. There are a large number of brilliant yoga retreats and training centers that will help you enjoy Yoga and have the time of your life. Places like Nepal have a significant amount of centers as well as the environment for this purpose. And while you’re at it, you can check out a few trekking packages to have some adventurous fun post the yoga glory. 

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Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher, and a Traveller in India. He organize 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and Ayurveda Course in Kerala. Bipin Baloni loves writing and reading books related to Yoga, health, nature, Himalayas, and Trekking in India.

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