My Truth About Experiencing CBD

Navigating A Tricky World

Discovering a structurally sound way of navigating through the world of mental health can be tricky. Sometimes, becoming nervous here or there doesn’t spark a huge concern in finding ways to combat the struggle of anxiety – because it rarely happens. This is the case with my good friends. Only on a blue moon would they feel how I seem to feel constantly. For me, overthinking had created a monster. I constantly found my mind wandering into the future, creating interactions and scenarios that would probably never happen – but I created a world where I believed they would. Now, I would be uneasy going out to that certain event because I had already thought through potential scenarios and written off the whole thing -– thinking I’d already know how it would go. This isolating cycle created anxiety that was springing out of control.  This is my story experiencing CBD for anxiety.

Anxiety Overload
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This nervousness I had was beginning to overtake every aspect of my life slowly. Not knowing what to do, I decided to try CBD pills to help my anxiety because I was unsure where else to turn. I remember the first week was the turning point that made me realize this ‘trend’ isn’t a fad at all — but a lifestyle. I began integrating CBD into my everyday life. The feelings of nervousness began to fall away from daily situations where they would normally come out. The results from the CBD capsules stunned me, and I had to do some deep digging, because how could CBD pills do so much in a short period of time? I felt my life was being changed, and I needed to know what the missing piece of my life was. 

What Sets CBD Apart 

When I took a serving of the CBD pills from CBDfx, I kept wondering what these capsules were doing that other medications I have been prescribed were falling short of. From research, I learned that the major difference is that CBD affects the body’s Endocannabinoid System in ways other medications don’t, so this is why my medications were missing the mark all along. This system is involved in regulating the body in certain ways such as memory, mood receptors, appetite, and how the body reacts to pain. This is why the situations that would normally send me into an anxiety-filled spiral that was no longer to be experienced. 

More studies are being put out, partly because CBD is becoming increasingly legalized across America. I continuously come across testimonials from people like me who are affected by anxiety but others too who have joints that are in pain and suffer from seizures. Along with my research, I found an interesting fact I believe all new-buyers should be aware of: not all CBD companies should be trusted. I had no idea if the company does not have lab tests, their products could be altered. This frightening news prompted more research into who the best names in the CBD industry are. The truth is, CBD companies who do not have up-to-date lab results and clean methods for extracting CBD are producing products that have ingredients and quality that is unknown to the buyer. This revelation had me delve deep into the brand I used prior. Luckily, the CBD pills I took were from a company called CBDfx, and they haven’t had any issues with their products or methods. This was the brand I also recommended to my friends. 

How I Could Share My Truth With Those Close To Me

Although their anxieties are nowhere compared to mine, I took the leap and shared with my friends what these CBD pills did for my quality of life. After one week, I received calls from all six of them, telling me how they benefited from these CBD pills as well because of the relaxing properties they bring. Suddenly, for them, the stress of simple things from finding parking in a busy area to keeping a cool head when more work was added to in their professional lives all seemed to fade away for them. My friends’ thankfulness for this simple recommendation is still astounding to me. The power in these two small CBD pills I take every day continues to help ease my anxiousness — and now help my friend’s lives as well!

My wife laughs at me because I’m so onboard the CBD train that I gifted my friend’s rowdy puppy, a CBD tincture for this year’s holiday season. I know it may seem funny, but my friend’s wife calls me — floored that something got the dog to calm down — because at this point they have tried everything. Training dogs can make them anxious because they aren’t exactly sure what is going on, but by adding some pet tincture into their daily routine can really make all the difference. In fact, pet tinctures are made with stress and anxiety in mind! You just add some tincture drops to their water bowl, food, or treats, and under about 30 minutes, their nerves ease up, and they can be trained to their maximum potential. My point is, this “unconventional” product known as CBD created a better life for myself, my close friends, and even their pup! These personal results coupled with the information I discovered online make me wonder how this isn’t apart of everyone’s daily routine. Sharing this with the world needed to be high on my agenda. Helping at least one other person out there so they could make the switch and see their life changed as well. 

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