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The Best 20-minute Bodyweight Biceps Workout

Most guys assume a bodyweight biceps workout will consist entirely of pushups variations. Or that they won’t be able to build much mass without weight. After all, most tried-and-true, sleeve-busting routines usually involve heavy dumbbell and barbell work.

But you absolutely can forge strength and size with a minimalist, time-crunched routine—sans the gym.

A park and a playground can offer stellar tools, like benches and pullup bars, to deliver an effective, full-body workout.

In this 20-minute biceps routine, we’ll provide a seven-move, two-set circuit that’ll challenge your biceps with only your body as resistance. We’ll alternate pushing and pulling movements that’ll minimize rest, providing an aerobic component to your training as well.

Pete Williams is a NASM certified personal trainer and the author or co-author of a number of books on performance and training.

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