The Importance of Magnesium for Our Body

One of the most essential minerals in the human body is magnesium. It is needed in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including ones responsible for normal muscle and nerve coordination. Magnesium also helps in regulating blood glucose levels and helps keep heart diseases at bay. Diets high in protein, calcium and vitamin D have to be necessarily combined with a high intake of magnesium as well.

Studies have proved that magnesium supports cognition abilities as well. Top Brain Enhancements, which reviews brain & memory supplements, lists Magmind as one of the best drugs enriched with magnesium, which protects against cognitive decline.

Let us see its dosage & side effects and learn how does it work? But, before that, let’s understand the various benefits of a magnesium-rich diet.

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

Many experts have the opinion that lower levels of magnesium in junk food, is primarily responsible for increased cases of depression and anxiety in young people. Magnesium helps the proper functioning of the neurotransmitters, which is further responsible for regulating mood and brain function. Hence supplementing the diet, with foods rich in magnesium can help many people control depressive symptoms.

Helps Fight Insomnia

As it controls the functioning of neurotransmitters, it is also critical in regulating our circadian rhythms.  It helps prepare the body for sleep, by relaxing our muscles and shutting the mind off. Hence, to have a healthy sleep cycle or biological clock, it is important to avoid magnesium deficiency. Another way, in which it helps proper sleep patterns, is by helping fight off the ‘restless leg syndrome’. It does this by reducing inflammation and enhancing the production of sleep hormones like melatonin and glutathione. Older people are usually prescribed supplements rich in magnesium and melatonin, for better sleep quality and to prevent early-morning awakening.

Helps Protect Against Heart Ailments

Magnesium helps prevent significant calcium build up in arteries, otherwise known as coronary artery calcification. This indicates atherosclerosis and is one of the major cardio-vascular ailments, which can be fatal for people. In this way, it improves the elasticity of arteries and blood vessels, which must continuously pump blood to keep a person alive. This act of continuous pumping requires vast amounts of energy. ATP or Adenosine Tri-Phosphate is an essential part of our cells, which helps in the breakdown of glucose into energy. ATP cannot be created without magnesium. Magmind: Magnesium Rich Brain & Memory Supplements

Magmind, developed by Jarrows Formulas, has good reviews, as it is enriched which helps in promoting cognitive abilities. We know that the mineral is responsible for regulating neurotransmitters and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

The pill contains the only form of magnesium (magtein) that can cross the blood-brain barrier, to boost memory and focus. It contains 2 grams of magtein in every serving. Increased levels of this mineral in our body, promotes working and learning memory, improves sleep quality, enhances relaxation and improves concentration levels.

The recommended dosage for this pill is one tablet, thrice a day. No side-effects have been reported, if taken within the recommended dosage limit.

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