The Value of NDIS Approved Aged Care Equipment Providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support for Australians with a disability and their families. The disabled person should be under the age of 65 to be able to get NDIS funding.

People who want to get the NDIS can confirm the requirements from an eligibility check list. If they are eligible, they can submit an application to receive support by getting the NDIS. An NDIS representative conducts a planning conversation with the disabled person after an application is accepted.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme encourages disabled people to increase their abilities and skills so that they can involve themselves in employment and the community.

Let’s take a deeper look at the importance of NDIS approved equipment.

Getting NDIS Approved Aged Care Equipment

Safety+Mobility features a wide variety of products for medical care. The company is TGA and NDIS registered with over ten years of experience.

The main benefit of getting NDIS approved products is that you won’t have to worry about the quality. The equipment is rigorously tested and examined for defects and faults. It is hard to find errors and flaws in the products that are approved by the NDIS.

This type of equipment goes through a careful phase of research and development and the products are only made available for consumers when they are approved by the NDIS.

Opportunities for the Disability Sector

The National Disability Insurance Scheme works well for equipment providers and meets the requirements of the customers as long as the system is reliable.

The equipment providers consider these factors while planning for NDIS implementation:

  • What values do they deliver by their products?
  • How do they analyse the true needs of their customers and focus on building relationships?
  • How can they provide an excellent service and maintain it in the future as well?
  • What difference and purpose are they trying to establish?

The equipment providers also take great care of the prices which they offer, so that their customers can afford to purchase their NDIS approved aged care products.

NDIS Helps Young Disabled People

Not all the costs of care and accommodation are covered by the NDIS funding. However, it covers the charges of extra support services. The eligibility for NDIS funding is dependent on these factors:

  • You need to have a ‘protected special category’ visa or a permanent visa or you must be an Australian citizen.
  • You should be living in an NDIS area in the country.
  • When you submit an application for the NDIS, you should be less than 65 years old.
  • You can’t take part in daily activities due to a permanent disability.

To clear the assessment you need to provide a solid proof of your disability and understand that NDIS funding is dependent on your goals and it is not a care funding programme.

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