Check Out These 6 Fitness Tips for Seniors

Regular exercise is important for just about any person on the planet. There is no age restriction or some excuse to turn you away from taking care of your body. As long as you feel healthy and physically capable, you should definitely exercise and thus increase the length and the quality of your life.

Age is accompanied by certain restrictions in terms of physical capabilities, but that should not discourage you to stay fit and be active as much as your body lets you. Seniors can easily perform some light exercises with the help of caregivers like those referred to by A Better Way in Home Care.

What are the benefits?

As we already mentioned it is very important to have regular exercise in order to improve every aspect of your life. It has been proven that regular physical activity helps fight and keep at bay many illnesses and health issues, and combat various chronic states.

For example, it is strongly advised for people who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure to lead an active life. Fitness is also very good for mental stability, it is well known that regular exercise helps battle everyday stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps focus better on tasks at hand and overcome laziness and fatigue.


Cardio is crucial for seniors as it directly affects the most important muscle in the human body – the heart. Taking care of your heart ensures a longer and more energetic life. Seniors don’t need to push themselves too hard, regular walks can do the trick, or even jogging if they feel up for it. Exercises in a chair or a bed for those who have trouble moving are also welcome.


There’s no need to explain why strength is important throughout our entire life. A warm-up, and then exercises for upper and lower parts of the body are suggested either with or without weights with resting intervals in between. This isn’t a competition and a therapist needs to determine how much a person should exercise without the risk of injury or cardiac problems. If seniors need help with these exercises, consider looking for help from accredited home health services.


Statistics have shown that seniors’ most common cause of injury is falling. That’s why it is important to work on balance and stability. Do exercises for your legs and feet, which include standing on one leg, heel to toe steps in a straight line, also stretching is very helpful.


Breathing is something people usually take for granted, but as the time goes by and our ribcage shrinks, it can get quite difficult to take normal breaths. That’s why exposing this part of your body to regular workout is awesome. An exercise as simple as taking a series of deep breaths before you go to bed can help immensely.


Getting a good night’s rest is important for everyone, for both physical and mental health. At this age of life, when we are not constantly strained by stress and obligations, it is much easier to make a good sleeping schedule, which definitely paves a way for a rested body and exercises the next day.

Never stop working out

The key is to not stop exercising regularly and return to couch-potato mode again. It is very easy to fall into monotony and repetitiveness, and that very routine, as helpful as it is, can also lead to an oversaturation.

You can avoid all that by always trying something new, things you’ve avoided your whole life. If you start feeling bored, that’s ok, just try something different, there is nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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