Top Travel Destinations for Healthy Adventures

It’s really easy to go on a vacation and besides resting, participate in one of the activities popular in the area. From surfing, hiking, cycling to less dynamic activities like yoga and kayaking, there is something for everyone’s taste and capabilities. An active holiday is a perfect way to keep up with your fitness routine and even discover new interests.

So, if it’s time to make traveling plans, here are top travel destinations for healthy adventures that will keep both your body and mind in good shape.

1.    Bali

Often considered as the favorite spot for honeymooners, Bali has so much more to offer besides romantic settings. This cluster of islands is a perfect destination to try watersports like sea kayaking and diving to explore rich marine life and coral reefs. However, the most popular activity here is surfing with excellent spots to conquer the waves like the Bukit Peninsula.

Kite surfing is relatively new activity slowly spreading all over the region but mostly on the eastern coasts.  If you want something more thrilling, then water rafting on the Ayung River should definitely be on your list. Swirling water, rapids and sudden drops will not only get your adrenalin up but also make your muscles sore from trying to stay in the boat. Those seeking something timid and tranquil will easily find many yoga studios all over the province like Seminyak Yoga Shala and Desa Seni.

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2.    Nepal

Trekking is a really big thing in Nepal and here you will find some of the best routes in the world. Poonhill trek which will take 4 days to finish is among the shorter ones, while Everest Base Camp trek will last for 12 days. Mountain climbing is a big thing here with Everest being the what many strive to try, but not many actually do. However, if you don’t have any climbing experience, go and conquer Mera Peak which is still challenging but easier.

If you want to see amazing wildlife, go on the three-day exploration of the Chitwan National Park to see elephants, rhinos, tigers, and crocodiles, among other animals. This is also a wonderful opportunity to hike to the Tharu village and rest there with natives and try locally grown produces. For those looking for more action, mountain biking is popular here especially in Shivapuri National Park which offers various dirt roads.

3.    Switzerland

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Switzerland is endless green hills and snow-peaked mountains. This is the country where you can go skiing at one of the best resorts in the world like the Snowpark Zermatt and hire a pedalo on the lake in Zurich. E-bike tour around Lake Lucerne is really popular here and ideal for those who are dedicated to eco-friendly principles.

Rafting the River Aare from Thun is done by thousands of people and is quite a way to enter Bern. But Switzerland also has a way to get you acquainted with its exquisite wines and keep you active at the same time. Cycling wine day in Valais will get you among politicians, athletes, and other public figures to ride your bicycle through the vineyards and taste the best wines.

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4.    Australia

There is hardly anything you can’t do in Australia and the biggest dilemma here will be what to do first. The Great Barrier Reef is the most popular diving spot where you will see magnificent underworld life and witness the largest coral system in the world. Of course, surfing should also be one of the activities to try on Australian beaches like Bondi and Manly.

Those brave enough can even dive with a great white shark around Neptune Island, but if you want to try a version without a cage, then swimming with giant whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef is a better choice. Hiking is very popular here with treks that will allow you to explore diverse flora and fauna of this continent like Larapinta Trail and Fraser Island Great Walk which last for days. Franklin River in Tasmania is perfect for rafting which can take from eight to eleven days and includes camping on the riverbanks.

5.    Greenland

Greenland is one of the top travel destinations for healthy adventures for its extraordinary nature and breathtaking landscapes. It’s believed that people kayaked to Greenland so, fittingly, this is one of the most popular activities here, especially for watching icebergs and whales. Blue River on the Petermann Glacier is a gorgeous area for kayaking from December to April and admire its turquoise water.

While skiing is popular among tourists, many also decide to try dog sledding or snowmobiling which offers more sightseeing options. Nature in Greenland is unspoiled and contrary to what many may believe, it’s not all under snow and ice. The green valleys and rocky terrains during the summer period are perfect for hiking and climbing especially if you want to see up close lakes and mountains.

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6.    Japan

Famous for healthy food and Zen philosophy, Japan is rarely perceived as the spot to have an active holiday. But actually, every avid skier in the world will tell you that this is where you will find the best snow to perfect your skills and have the best winter holiday. The best skiing packages are available in Hakuba ski resorts, Myoko Kogen, Niseko, and Furano.

Kawaguchiko is an ideal spot to go on a day trip since the area has five lakes and you can even see Mount Fuji if the weather is nice. Moreover, you can even climb Mount Fuji if you visit Japan from July to September and experience one of the most exhilarating adventures in your life. For those who want something less demanding, visiting Osaka castle on a bike tour is a perfect way to learn about Japan’s history and keep up with your fitness regime.

7.    New Zealand

Untouched nature and diverse ecosystems make New Zealand one of the most desired destinations in the world. From bungy jumping in Queenstown to trekking the Fox Glacier, you will definitely bring home unique memories from this country. Go camping on Lake Tekapo and spend the night away from urban settlements enjoying starry sky, freshest of airs and amazing hiking.

Wanaka is a small town by the lake underneath the mountains with excellent hiking paths like the one to the Mount Roy. Take a walk to the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki to see limestones over 1000 years old and witness beautiful sights of the sea from the top. If you want to experience one of the best hikes in your life, go on the Tongariro Crossing trek over mountainsides, volcanic lakes, and lush, green valleys.

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8.    China

When in China, you will quickly notice the popularity of tai chi, a form of martial art which is intended for both defense and health through meditation. You will easily find a group you can join and practice even if you don’t have any previous experience or knowledge. Of course, walking the Great Wall of China should also be on your itinerary like less crowded Mutianyu section or tourist-favorite Badaling.

Walking through the Forbidden City is a wonderful way to enjoy a brisk hike through the rich history of the Chinese emperors. Bamboo rafting the Li River is something you will hardly have an opportunity to try anywhere else and with a view of the karst formations of Yangshuo. Hiking is also a great way to see China like going on the scariest hike in the world to Mount Hua and passing by multi-colored lakes of JiuZhai Valley National Park.


There is something for everyone at these top travel destinations for healthy adventures that will open up your senses and invigorate the body. Choose the one that suits you the best so you would really enjoy your experience and enrich your healthy lifestyle.

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