Travelling to Mexico Can Save You A Great Deal On Dental Work

If you live anywhere in North America, especially in the US or Canada, and are looking for a reliable and affordable dentist, Mexico is the best destination. Dental implants Algodones Mexico offer strikingly low prices for top-notch dental treatments. The overall cost of dental works in first-world countries is ridiculously high. Millions of people are affected by this, not being able to afford reliable and quality dental treatments can lead to so many other health complications. Even more unfortunate is the fact that your medical insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare does not provide the relief you need.

Why Mexico?

dental clinic in mexico

Dental tourism in Mexico has grown massively over the past two decades. The country has become known as the dental capital of the world. Furthermore, Los Algodones, which is a border city in Mexico, is home to more than 300 clinics and has more than 900 dentists. Now wonder it is also called as Molar City.

Moreover, Mexico is the most convenient destination to travel to for Americans and Canadians. The border is just a 10-mile drive from Yuma, Arizona. You could either drive to the border or take a flight directly to Mexico. The fact of the matter is you are still going to save a lot of money on different types of treatments, money that you can easily use to pay for your accommodation and travelling expenses.

A Wide Variety of Clinics

As mentioned, Molar City is full of renowned and reputed dental facilities. You may be surprised to know that a majority of dentists there are trained abroad and have international academic backgrounds. Most of them also speak fluent English so you need not worry about language barrier. It is safe to say that their skills and experience are on par with first-world country dentists.

The Potential to Save a Lot of Money

The main reason why most people go to Mexico for dental treatments is of course the cost. The chance to save thousands of dollars is just too sweet to turn down. Moreover, it will still make a lot of sense to travel to Los Algodones even if you have to get a single implant. Check out this price comparison between Molar City and US and Canada:

  • Dental implant in the US: USD $3,900
  • Dental implant in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Dental implant in Los Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,600

The numbers do not lie – you have the potential to save up to 60% of the actual cost you would have to pay at your local clinic. The money you save can even cover the cost of your second trip. Yes, keep in mind that you will be required to come back six months after the initial treatment once the implant has infused with your jawbone.

Why The Low Prices?

Another good and important question. Some people assume they have to trade dollars for health by getting affordable dentistry in Mexico. Thankfully, this is simply untrue. The main reason prices are low in Molar City is because of Mexico’s much lower operating costs, living expenses and cost of labor and materials.

Clinics in Mexico also do not have to deal with red tape unlike first-world dental facilities. All this enables Mexican dentists to invest in innovative equipment and best professionals without having to charge too much.

All in all, dental implants Algodones Mexico is home to helps you save a great deal. The closest thing to a catch is finding the right clinic, best done by using a dental tourism portal that screens the clinics before listing them.

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